At Alpine Buick GMC, we always have our customers' best interest at heart. When it comes to making sure our customers leave completely satisfied, we are committed to providing the utmost experience which ensures that all their needs and wants have been met. While other dealers and service providers charge for amenities that should be included, Alpine Buick GMC offers a list of free services:

  • Front & rear end alignment inspections  
  • Scan vehicle computer for any warning light on dash (check engine light, ABS light, air bag light, service four wheel-drive light, etc.) *GM vehicles only*  
  • Replace tail light and brake light bulbs (Bulb(s) included) *GM vehicles only*  
  • Replace headlight bulbs (most vehicles' bulb(s) not included) *GM vehicles only*  
  • Reset clocks or unlock radios *GM vehicles only* Pair Bluetooth phones *GM vehicles only*  
  • Flat tire repairs Relearn tire pressure monitors *GM vehicles only*  
  • Set tire pressure  
  • Fill windshield washer fluid